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Fried Brie and Cranberry Snack

Snacks have always been my favorite thing. Whether its sweet or savory, snacks dominate a students life during deadline season. I convinced myself to make this a healthy blog  and certainly feel the irony of making my first post about fried food!

… but that’s just the south within me! When in doubt and feeling down due to studying, its all about the comfort food.

Enjoy my take on fried brie (or camembert!)


1 egg

1 slice of brie



vegetable oil

cranberry sauce



1. Cut off the rind of the brie.

2. Roll the brie in small balls.


3. Heat pan of vegetable oil, about 1in deep.

4. In a bowl crack and egg and beat the yoke.

5. In another bowl 200g of breadcrumbs with desired black pepper to taste.

6. Dip the brie ball in the egg, then roll the brief ball in the bread crumbs and pepper mix.

7. Re-dip the brie ball in the egg, and a second time roll the ball in the breadcrumbs and pepper mix.

8. Pul the coated brie ball in the oil, cooking for only 1 minute on each side.

9. Serve immediately with cranberry sauce. For a good homemade cranberry sauce recipe, click here.

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